What is the Catalyst88 MasterMind

The Catalyst88 MasterMind is designed to add strategy, systemic thinking, and scale through the development of new tactics as well as sustainable business ideas that you can learn and implement into your own business. At the same time, the group can act as your sounding board, ideation solution and even your “virtual board of directors” when needed.

Our vision of a MasterMind is a very exclusive group of high impact players who are ready AND willing to help each other in meaningful yet non-competitive ways.

Catalyst88 is a 25K per year MasterMind which will meet 4 times per year as an entire group, starting in the Seattle area. A business partner or spouse can be added to your membership at a discount of 60%. You will be responsible for transportation and lodging for each event, but we will take care of you during lunch and at least one group dinner per event. Any transportation to offsite activities will also be taken care of by Catalyst88.


What is the schedule?

The official MasterMind dates for 2017 are:

Q1-2017 – February 23rd-25th 2017 (Seattle Area) – Completed

Q2-2017 June 1st-3rd 2017 (Seattle Area)

Q3-2017 August 3rd-5th 2017 (Seattle Area)

Q4-2017 October 5th-7th 2017 (Seattle Area)

Other dates for various China trips or getaways which include “mini-masterminds” are an open registration for catalyst88 members first and then non-members. Catalyst88 members will not have to pay any fees for the mini-mastermind sessions but will be required to cover any trip-share costs related to the trips if applicable. (e.g. – hotels, meals, and other included amenities are shown prior to trip booking.)

Other planned excursions that may have TRIPSHARE fees:

Yiwu Market & Shanghai: China August 18th-26th 2017


Take a moment to watch this 15-minute introduction about Catalyst88:

The 2017 Schedule: