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Catalyst 88 has been instrumental in helping us scale and systematize our business. Before I joined, we had a lot of wealth of knowledge in terms of Amazon and tips and tricks and hacks and things like that but I was really feeling lost as to how to systematize scale and grow my business.
Steve’s been an amazing mentor-friend and an incredible organizer and every time I come to these events, I’ve become rejuvenated and really just excited to go back to my business and implement the things that I’ve learned here. There’s so much accountability in this group there’s so many resources in this group and the trust amongst everyone in this group is far beyond any other group that I’ve ever experienced and I’m really excited to be a part of Catalyst 88.
Some of the things for example that help to keep us accountable is that we write ourselves letters and they get mailed to us before the next event and it just serves as a reminder of the goals that you set for yourself so when we have our quarterly meetings, you really kind of take that time to really focus on the problems that you want to solve in your business and put your resources towards that and it’s a simple solution but an amazingly effective solution.