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I went to Steve’s China trip last year and went to Yiwu market. Even though I’m a Chinese and I think I know what to ask the people – the vendors there but I did not actually get the thing I need.

Steve actually went to the market with us and demonstrated how to ask the kind of questions from the vendors to make sure you get the good products so that’s very helpful and  that’s actually helped me understand the sourcing part, better than what I knew.

I also Catalyst88 and it’s a tremendous value here because the people here, we can trust each other and have a lot of experience because the people help each other and hold us very accountable for what we can achieve and everybody’s basically moving forward and every time after meeting everybody is so excited to get back into the business and implement what we learn. We have a lot of resources to help us grow our business not only our Amazon business but the whole business concept.