Catalyst88 Testimonials

We’re delighted and honored that you are investigating the Catalyst88 MasterMind group. Thank you so much for your interest.

You must achieve a certain level of understanding of the Catalyst88 Mastermind before joining and therefore we recommend that you check out these resources before you consider submitting your application:

Jin Chon post thumbnail
Jin Chon
Catalyst 88 has been instrumental in helping us scale and systematize our business. Before I…
Bryan Simonson post thumbnail
Bryan Simonson
I was really amazed by the caliber of seller that I was hanging out with.…
Ellie Tang post thumbnail
Ellie Tang
I went to Steve’s China trip last year and went to Yiwu market. Even though…
Shawn and Kelly Hodgson post thumbnail
Shawn and Kelly Hodgson
We met Steve in a mastermind in Las Vegas and was very impressed with his…
Tyrone Odiowei post thumbnail
Tyrone Odiowei
This mastermind is not for everyone, but for those that find the opportunity compelling and…
David Brown post thumbnail
David Brown
I met Steve last year where we went to Maui together. We hit it off…