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Catalyst88 Chairman’s Circle
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Are you looking for help scaling your business?

The Catalyst88 Chairman’s Circle is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level.

Steve Simonson, will personally help you create a winning business strategy and bring in our team of experienced professionals as needed to provide guidance and support to businesses through every stage of growth.

With Steve Simonson on your board, you’ll have access to his wealth of knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur. He’s helped countless businesses grow and overcome challenges, so you can be confident that he’ll do the same for your company.

This is a very limited program with most applicants NOT qualified for the program.

The cost of the program includes a monthly retainer paid in advance quarterly (ranging between 5K-10K per month based on your revenue) and an equity award that is capable of producing 1 Million dollars at exit within 3-5 years.

The program is designed to align the interests of the founder and any existing shareholders with the interest of Steve – basically taking the valuation from today to a wealth creation exit event for all shareholders. This core value keeps everyone on the same page and creates an alignment of the fiduciary duty for your new board member with the company strategic objective.

Apply now to become a part of the Catalyst88 Chairman’s Circle!