USA Schedule

2019The Proposed 2020 Schedule is:
We're taking some time off in 2019. Our relationships willQ1 – February 6,7,8 – 2020 - PUERTO RICO
continue and our memories will last, but our schedules are tooQ2 – May 21,22,23 – 2020 - BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON
tight in 2019 to fit in the C88 Mastermind.Q3 – August 21,22,23 – 2020 - VICTORIA, CANADA

Q4 – November 11,12,13 – 2020 - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

Unofficial Meetings:

The proposed location for the inaugural Conference will be May 16, 17, 18 in Seattle. Click HERE to learn more about the 2019 Empowery Seattle Summit.

The opportunity to meet up in other locations as we have done in the past is very fun and productive as well. We’ve helped organize unofficial mini-masterminds and activities in China, Roatan, a Cruise, Disneyland and others as well. Typically there is no cost for unofficial masterminds for Catalyst88 members except to cover their own costs of travel, etc...

Past Event Videos: