Amazon Seller Mastermind

The time has come...

We are ready to travel!!

Are you?


For Amazon sellers that are ready to travel and if you're COVID free join Steve Simonson in Mexico for some break time, family time, and beachside masterminding.

Steve will commit a minimum of 16 hours of his time from November 10th to November 17th to help fellow entrepreneurs during this Mexican meetup. These open-air, often beachside hangouts, will give you the chance to ask any and all questions about building your eCommerce business, building teams, and scaling from where you are now to where you want to be.



NOVEMBER 10th to NOVEMBER 17th. 


Mexico requires that persons entering the country must be COVID-free and provide test results within 48 hours of departure.

The Resort has certain COVID protocols in place as well. Everyone is responsible for their own health and welfare, but for goodness sake, Steve isn't going to risk his own kids' lives if he feels there is an imminent threat. You make your own decisions, but this is what we've decided to do.


Catalyst88 and Steve will not charge a DIME for this opportunity - however, there is a catch...and yes, it involves $$$

If you want to go and enjoy the immeasurable value of hanging out with Steve and others on this trip you can get an invitation by donating to the Empowery eCommerce Cooperative.

If you are already an Empowery shareholder you are welcome to throw a donation at the co-op, but you get access to the information regardless! Just email Melissa.

If you are already an Empowery member you are encouraged to add some $$ to help the co-op ride out the COVID storm, but if you talk to Melissa she will hook you up with the secret info!

There is no question that you can find MASSIVE ROI when you have this kind of exclusive and unique opportunities.

Steve decided that this effort to raise money would not put a dime in his pocket. In fact, the travel costs and other expenses with Steve and his kids going to Mexico is on him. His efforts are 100% focused on raising money and awareness for the Empowery eCommerce Cooperative.

Click Donate now to give what you can to the non-profit member-owned co-op and then email Melissa and she'll share the secret All-inclusive resort details. There is no set amount - but give generously so we can support more efforts around the world to help e-commerce entrepreneurs.


So if you want to go email to arrange a donation that makes sense for you. If your business is thriving give until it hurts. If your business is in the toilet give what you can. Melissa will only provide the secret resort information to those that make the donation. Those given the secret information must protect it and honor the confidential nature of this fundraising concept. Anyone who shows up at the resort without an official invite will be, regrettably, snubbed and possibly shamed for not taking the opportunity to support the non-profit member-owned Empowery eCommerce Co-op.


We're going to Mexico. 

We arrive on November 10th and we depart on November 17th.

Steve Simonson will dedicate at least 16 hours from the 11th to the 16th via informal meetups on the beach, in restaurants, lobby, or other outdoor venues to YOU and other entrepreneurs who are there.

The price is FREE from Steve and Catalyst88 - however to get the secret all-inclusive premium resort you must make a donation to the co-op.

You are responsible for your own travel, hotel, transportation, and health.

This is an informal type of mastermind - there will not be rooms with projectors.

There will not be recordings or other materials.

This is unique and limited.

Contact now after you've made a donation and secure your spot.


Note: 100% of the donations to Empowery will be used to build the co-op to greater heights in 2021.