What is the Catalyst88 UK Event


This event was conceived as a test event for the new entrepreneurial mastermind for the UK called Catalyst88. Following the successful test in the USA back in 2016 a formalized group was created for Catalyst88 USA which now meets on a regular schedule.

When we starting thinking about Europe we wondered if there are enough high level eCommerce sellers who are interested in masterminding about strategy, system, and scale so we figured we would run a test for the UK to determine what entreprenuers want. There is no committment beyond this test event. We set up the event to handle no more than 25 participants.

Following the event we will send a survey to participants to get feedback on the event and see if there is interest in a formalized recurring schedule for mastermind meetings.

Official Application for the UK Summit

We're excited about sharing some of our experiences during this test event. The leadership team of Catalyst88 has decades of experience running businesses of all kinds including service, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and eCommerce.

During this event there will be no pitches of any kind. We will not be selling you or upselling you on anything. 

We will also invite a couple key resources to share their expertise in hopes that it will give you additional information to make good business decisions.

We have shared some of these plans with a few of our trusted resources who previewed the concepts. We were pleased with the positive feedback and briliant ideas generated from the interactions. 

It was suggested we do a single event, without the need of the annual commitment to show how our concept would work in real life. So we said - GREAT IDEA! Afterall we understand that the power of a MasterMind comes from the members themselves not the organizers. 

We love the idea of performance based business so we set about to create a very unique experience for Amazon marketplace sellers.

Our mission is to focus on Strategy, Systems, and Scale. This event will include a number of topics to help you think strategically and how to tactically move the business forward to scale quickly. And if that wasn't enough, we'll try to remind you that this is possible while balancing your own personal WHY into the equation. 

We will NOT be sharing some crazy new technique to add one million visitors a day to your website.

We will NOT be offering a single magic bullet to all of your challenges.

We will provide some foundational sessions to help you understand how to add strategy and systemic thinking to your business to help carry you towards scaling your business over the long term.

We believe in long term sustainable growth.

BTW - when we say only 25 spots available we are not kidding. In fact we just reduced it to 15 spots! This is a very exclusive event and the onsite visit to a local eCommerce company in coventry to tour their call center, warehouse and meet some of their leadership team is a very unique opportunity. They are a mid size company trading at run rates of 35 million pounds and beyond all of which comes OFF of Amazon. This may be our only time that we ever offer this amazing opportunity.

Official Application for the UK Summit


Steve Simonson has been an entreprenur for almost 30 years. In fact his first formal business was started at the age of 18. Over the years Steve and his teams have found great success and have had a fair share of failures as well. 

These lessons learned are shared with Entrepreneurs for FREE on www.startsolid.com and www.awesomers.com and as well as the facebook group Amazon Professional Seller's Group:  FREE FACEBOOK GROUP

Steve has had the good fortune to have had companies placed in the Inc. 500 three consecutive times, Internet Retailer Magazine a number of times, winning growth awards at the State and National levels. Steve has also been a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year presented by Ernst and Young.

Steve has also wasted millions of dollars on stupid stuff. The experience of running businesses that have had entreprise valuations of nearly 100 Million dollars and starting multiple companies from zero revenue and growing them to 50M+ in sales in 4 years are some of the best ways for newer entrepreneurs to learn.

Steve's resources and network of people, products and services that can help your business are some of the best in the business which are shared regularly without hesitation to emerging entrepreneurs. 

To learn more about Steve check out his article about his first MILLION DOLLAR DAY in sales:  ONE MILLION DOLLAR DAY?

Today Steve manages several businesses which include the oversight of tens of millions of dollars in import purchases, as well as managing supply chains (emphasis on China), development of sales strategies and teams, marketing business for consumer facing enterprises, hiring to scale, managing legal and financial affairs and much more. And yet somehow he still finds time to take naps. 

To see the current projects Steve is working on you can check out www.stevensimonson.com. (FULL DISCLOSURE: naps are on hold at the moment.) 

Steve will present some of the strategy and operational sessions and will participate in all sessions for the benefit of all those who attend. 

Additional resources will be brought in to share some specific tactics or stratgies to help your business scale.

However, despite this access to world class resources and real experience you and your fellow mastermind attendees hold most of the information that can benefit each other! That's right we'll help faciliate sessions to trouble shoot specific issues you or others may be having as a group. The results are often amazing and provide all attendees the ability to make a meaningful and positive ROI on this event investment.


We will have an exciting MasterMind session each day. There is little doubt this could be one of the most memorable experiences of your entreprenurial journey so far.

DAY 1 - Strategy, Operations, Smart Sessions

DAY 2 - Field Trip, ReCap, Smart Sessions

DAY 3 - Sales/Marketing & Summary

We're going to hear first hand from eCommerce leaders from a couple different departments about how to generate business off of amazon. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We don't know if we will be able to provide this kind of access in the future.

We will not be selling you stuff. This will not be a bunch of presentations designed to seperate you from your money. 

Additional points of conversation:

  •  Your Personal Why: We will share our experience about finding your WHY and what a massive impact it can have on your business and your life. (And we'll share a process to help you get started.)
  •  Building an Organization: We will share our experience with building teams, both virtual and on-site, and how to maintain "dual vision" to manage the now, but prepare for the future. If you are going to scale you need to have people. In fact we'll show you how people can increase your valuation when you exit.
  •  Systemization: We will share our view of how systems play a key role in your ability to scale. The systems run the business. (Spoiler Alert: the people run the systems)
  •  Strengths Based Leadership: We will share a process to discover your strengths, which are backed by science and over 30 million participants globally, and then share some of the best practices to develop your strengths and start getting your team involved in strengths based results. 
  •  Exit Planning: We will share what we believe are key drivers to maximizing your exit plan.
  •  Full Price Giveaways: We will share an exclusive system and resource for Catalyst88 members to drive full price giveaways.
  •  Tactics: Fellow participants almost always share some of the best tactics that are working today on Amazon.
  •  China: We can share best practices on how to manage your cash flow, inventory, and deal with a China supply chain. Including how we negotiate for terms.
  •  NO UPSELLING: We will NOT be pitching you anything.
  •  You Decide: Subject to time, if the attendees find certain topics of interest we can dive deep into the topics that are of interest to you.

We will let the event speak for itself in terms of the value of the Catalys88 MasterMind program. We will send you a post event survey to get your feedback on how to make future events even more valuable to attendees.

We may introduce you to some resources that can help your business (e.g. insurance, financing, etc...), but those are mostly done by sharing some of our favorite solutions to problems we faced. We never have personal affiliate deals in the resoures we share. If anything the resources are approved providers within the non-profit eCommerce Cooperative: www.empowery.com 

We've been there and done that a number of times so we understand the day to day challenges that entrepreneurs face with building a business from scratch and then trying to scale it to tens of millions per year. We've done it. Multiple times. We get it. And we love to help Entrepreneurs! 

Our founding principle is that the World Needs More Entrepreneurs! Entrepreneurs solve problems, they don't create them!

Official Application for the UK Summit

Thursday - Saturday, March 22nd, 23rd and 24th:

8am-9am: Registration* - First Day Only

9am-5pm: General Sessions (Lunch Included)

6pm-8pm: MasterMind Group Dinner

Official Application for the UK Summit

  • Lunch
  • General Operations & Smart Sessions Thursday Afternoon
  • Hosted Dinner Thursday Night
  • Visit local eCommerce Company Friday Morning
  • Lunch Friday
  • Field Trip ReCap & Smart Sessions
  • Sales & Marketing Sessions Saturday Morning
  • Lunch
  • Smart Sessions & Wrap Up 


Why the Midlands instead of Downtown London?

Coventry is a beautiful part of England and is easy enough to travel too from all over Europe. Further the venue we have selected is a beautiful place to help create an atmosphere of creativity .

Where can I park?

If you are driving each day you can at the venue for a daily parking fee. If you are driving and staying at the hotel you should pay to park with the hotel venue.

Is there a dress code?

We will be at a nice hotel, but business casual is appropriate. Bring a light rain jacket since it is often soggy in England.

Spring in Coventry can be beautiful, and the changing weather can be unpredictable so come prepared. Don’t forget to pack a light to medium weight jacket and layers as temperatures vary from day to night. 

Click to see detailed forecast.

When do I have to pay?

Once you register to participate you will receive an email to schedule an interview. Once an application is approved you will be notified and you will have 48 hours to make payment in full after we provide an invoice. An application does not guarantee approval. Failure to make full payment will result in loss of your reservation. Remember space is VERY limited so we have to be fair to those waiting for a spot.

Is there a guarantee?

We believe that entreprenuers take risks everyday, but we also believe in transparency and results. And so we'll take the risk with you.  

Therefore we are offering a ROLLING GUARANTEE:

If at the end of Day 1 you are not satisfied you will be refunded 100% of your investment paid for the MasterMind. No attendance to the remaining sessions will be possible, but you can rest assured we care more about your long term happiness than a short term financial gain.*

If at the end of Day 2 you are not satisfied you will be refunded 66% of your investment paid for the MasterMind. Since you did find value from Day 1 we are square for that day, but if you found Day 2 unfulfilling we'll happily make it right. You will not be able to attend Day 3.*

If at the end of Day 3 you are not satisfied you will be refunded 33% of your investment paid for the MasterMind. Since you found Day 1 and Day 2 productive we don't need to look backwards and we can still be BFFs.*

Your satisfaction with the event AND your success are far more important to us than a little bit of revenue. We always look long term.

*The only condition of the guarantee is that you fill out a post event survey which has about 30 questions so that we can learn from your experience and get better with time. We will refund anyone who complies with these parameters within 3 business days of the survey being submitted.

There is no refund given for a NO SHOW. You must attend the full sessions to access this ROLLING GUARANTEE

What is included in the MasterMind fee?

The registration fee includes access to each session, related meals, and we'll reimburse any uber costs related to the field trip.  

We may have one or two guest speakers
 and we will provide lunch each day as well as a hosted dinner every night. Any support materials for the sessions will also be provided at no additional cost.

You are responsible for your own travel costs including transporation to and from the event and hotel during the event. We have negotiated a very good hotel rate which includes a proper English breakfast each morning. 

No refunds given for any reason for no shows or cancellations.

See the ROLLING GUARANTEE to see the ONLY method to obtain a refund.