Focus on Strategy

By Jignesh Shah July 18, 2016 Uncategorized No comments yet

Why is it important to know strategy first? To make your life easier.

If you have ever found yourself waking up in the morning with anxiety worrying about what the day will bring you might just need to take a step back.

If you find yourself fighting fires everyday instead of overseeing a smooth operation you may want to consider why.

Experienced entrepreneurs will tell you unequivocally that to scale a business you must have great people. But to really get the most of people you need great systems. While it is vital to have strong people they can power through a certain level of problems. However, what you will find overtime as you scale is that finding incredible people for every required position is not easy. Retaining them is not easy.

There is a solution:

If you focus on your strategy first then you can build your company systems and processes around getting the right tasks completed at the right time.

Although this may be easier to say than do you can absolutely make strategy the beginning point to your business mindset which can help alleviate or even eliminate the chaos of daily fire fighting.

Now is the time to focus.

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