Amazon Marketplace Sellers Rejoice

July 18, 2016

Amazon 3rd party marketplace sellers need a healthy dose of strategy. We believe there is a GAP in the Amazon Seller Eco-System.<

Amazon 3rd party marketplace sellers need a healthy dose of strategy.

We believe there is a GAP in the Amazon Seller Eco-System.

To be sure there are lots of very qualified resources that are available to illustrate how to get started selling on the Amazon Marketplace. These valuable resources give you great initial guidance to set sail in the world of entrepreneurship. They bring world class tactics that are dynamic are are well worth investing in to stay on top of your game.

We believe that the strategic piece of the equation needs additional attention and both the personal WHY you are building your business and the strategic HOW your business will serve your life needs to be answered.

In our opinion there are few, if any, resources dedicated to helping successful Amazon sellers grow into a “real” sustainable business. Of course any business of any size is “real” and tangible, but after speaking with dozens of business people generating from thousands per year to tens of millions per year in revenue we echo back their lament that despite their fast start and reasonable scale they still don’t feel that their business is on solid ground. This insecurity can be caused by the reality that certain business basics may not have been addressed.

Concepts like trademarks, copyrights, patents, product design and development, non-competition agreements, lease negotiations, stock grants, organization charts, process creation, vendor terms and conditions and many more complex aspects of doing business can be very intimidating to new business owners.

After all it’s more complex when you are doing $100,000 in a month or $1,000,000 in a month or more.

We know that in our experience the road building a company from Zero to 1 Million was different than our road from 1 Million to 5 Million. And 5 Million to 50 Million was different again. And the problems faced from 50M to 100M are unique and different still.

We know that you can get there alone, but it is faster, easier and ultimately more fun to get there with experienced help.

We love entrepreneurs and we believe the world needs more entrepreneurs!

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