Finance 101 & Why You Should Care

May 16, 2017

Getting your financial house in order can pay BIG dividends in your business.

Getting your financial house in order can pay BIG dividends in your business.

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Here’s a topic that entrepreneurs love to hate: FINANCE.

Well sure, we love to see the results of our endeavors especially when we imagine that scene from the movie Indecent Proposal where a young Demi Moore is rolling around in naked in money, however, in reality, most entrepreneurs HATE bookkeeping and other related financial reporting so much that they completely ignore it.

The only time they deal with it is during tax time and then the process is determining which shoe box or shoe boxes to give to the CPA and let them get the mess cleaned up.

So, like any other pain point, we naturally avoid this. It doesn’t take an MBA or CPA to realize that this practice is not ideal. Even if you don’t expect to rank in the Fortune 500 next year you must realize that understanding your cash flow, profit and loss and balance sheet can greatly accelerate your success.

Since part of our mission is to empower entrepreneur’s lives we took the time to hang out with a 35 year expert in marketing, finance, and operations to help you guys learn more. (see video below)

Michael Pinkowski’s company GO.BE.STRONG. can be an invaluable resource to help you overcome and simplify your financial systems. Just as important Michael can help with a number of other areas that are pain points in your business and is a certified Strengths Based Leadership Coach. He is very experienced in many functional areas of business that I respect!

The point isn’t to get good at the things you hate, but it is to help you harness the power of information whilst making the process of the information gathering systemic and painless to you. (ok, maybe a little pain, but not as bad as doing it all yourself.)

As a favor to Catalyst88 Mastermind members in particular but including any Friends of Steve, Michael has agreed for a very limited time, to waive his normal $99.00 discovery call and offer up to 30 minutes of his experience via phone for FREE. Don’t forget to leave a comment with any feedback on the video as well as a big thank you to Mr. Pinkowski for generously giving his time to fellow entrepreneurs!

Free, that’s a pretty good price. Go to his website to schedule your FREE discovery call before this exclusive offer ends. That’s an amazing opportunity. Don’t delay. Click through now and talk to a true e-commerce pioneer. Michael’s Free Discovery Call.


Keep in mind this is a limited time offer and is subject to change and be removed at any time. Michael’s time is very valuable so we have no expectation that this offer will last very long at all. Giddy-up!


  1. Commit to making progress in this vital area of your business.
  2. Have a discovery call with Michael Pinkowski to learn about ways to improve your business.
  3. BTW – If you need a good bookkeeper check out to see if they can help get your books in order.
  4. Watch the video below now to learn more and help your business grow bigger faster in a more sustainable and long lasting way.

We love entrepreneurs!

At your service,

Steve Simonson

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