Sourcing with Steve Vietnam April 2023

Catalyst88 Sourcing with Steve Vietnam April 2023

Vietnam Sourcing Trip for Amazon FBA and eCommerce Sellers April 2023

Vietnam Sourcing Trip


Our team has worked for over 20 years to help companies from brand-new start-ups to Fortune 500 companies source products worldwide. Over time we have sourced and supported hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in e-commerce, retail, & wholesale sales channels. In fact, most of our efforts have been focused on our own sourcing of private-label merchandising from over 25 countries from around the world.

Part of our core belief is that the world needs more entrepreneurs and we try to do our part to help that vision come to life.

So, we occasionally, only when we have the capacity, will invite fellow entrepreneurs into what we loosely call the Entrepreneur Travel Club. (ETC)
WHAT IS THE Entrepreneur Travel Club?

This is an informal concept designed around the fact that if entrepreneurs with similar goals are able to meet and learn from each other they everyone benefits. And by combining business with adventure (like destination trips or cruises) or even business trips with practical learning (like trade shows), there are many ways to accelerate your business opportunities with almost no risk. These events are not services that are sold in bulk to build a business, but instead, a way for our team to give back while we have fun with fellow entrepreneurs.

This trip is operated as a “TRIP SHARE”.

What Does TripShare Mean?

Tripshare means we calculate the cost of the hotels, meals, airport transportation, and group transport (as applicable) on buses, subways, and trains as well as our team staff costs and we bake that all into one cost. Sometimes we even have a few surprises in the budget if everything goes according to plan. 

The basic idea is that you can show up in Vietnam without having to worry about any major expenses. We’ll take care of you. We will be your protective bubble. 

Participants are required to provide their own international airfare to and from Vietnam and be able to obtain a Vietnamese Visa if required for their passport. Unless you are on the Visa-free list please go to this site to obtain a tourist visa Vietnam E-Visa Application. The cost is 25USD and typically takes 3 days to get.

Be sure to check your Visa requirements!

Vietnam Expo 2023

Get your FREE pre-registration for the Expo here:

This expo projects over 21,500 visitors in 2023 with 500+ exhibitors. Here is a look back to the 2021 event for your review.

Our general itinerary is shown below: (subject to change)

April 4 2023 – Arrival in Hanoi. You will be picked up at the airport. Evening meal and overview.

April 5 2023 – Vietnam Expo. Breakfast at hotel. Taxi or App to Expo Center. Dinner & Debrief.

April 6 2023 – Vietnam Expo. Breakfast at hotel. Taxi or App to Expo Center. Dinner & Debrief.

April 7 2023 – Vietnam Expo. Breakfast at hotel. Expo or Factory Visit. Dinner & Debrief.

April 8 2023 – Vietnam Expo. Breakfast at hotel. Expo or Factory Visit. Dinner & Debrief.

April 9 2023 – Hanoi Adventure Day. Dinner & Debrief.

April 10 2023 – Everyone flys home. (transport to the airport is up to you.)


hotel cost Transportation from airport to hotel upon arrival.

hotel cost All 5-star hotel accommodations during the entire event.

hotel cost All Vietnam group transportation from arrival until the final day.

hotel cost All group breakfasts and dinners (and some lunches).

hotel cost Happy Hour adult beverages and hors-d’oeuvres.

hotel cost Any group tourist activities.

hotel cost The cost of Catalyst88 team time, travel, etc…

hotel cost All networking and MasterMind meetings.

hotel cost A couple surprise bonuses are often thrown into the mix.

hotel cost An absolute experience of a lifetime!


x mark Your airline costs to arrive in Vietnam and depart from Vietnam

x mark Your lunches and transport to the exhibition center during the trade shows. (probably 10-20USD per day * 3-4 Days)

x mark Your cost of a translator during the show events. We’ll coordinate the details for each of you that want a translator and you pay them each day in cash directly. (about 100USD per day * 3-5 Days)

x mark Your cost of transport back to the airport on the last day. (Usually less than $40 USD)

x mark Your cost of any souvenirs or personal shopping. 


Currently, Vietnam still has some Covid rules like wearing masks and other compliance requirements. These are dynamic and subject to change at any time. However, as of this time, there is NO quarantine required. To learn more about the current situation regarding Covid-19 in Vietnam you can go here to We hope that further reductions in rules will continue, but we have no way of knowing the policy in the future.

Some Past China Trip Summaries: 

Building business skills and relationships while having fun along the way…

Here are some China Sourcing tips:

Excited to learn and start sourcing in Vietnam? JOIN US NOW!

WAVE pricing applies. What is WAVE pricing?
It means that the first people to order win. The available prices are lower until the first units sell out for each wave. This trip is not designed for a big group. We intend to cap the limit to 20 people or less including our team. It’s just easier and since this isn’t a profit center – easy matters!

Each WAVE will include:

5 Party of One Tickets

1 Party of Two Tickets

NOTE: Prices are subject to change (meaning increase) at any time until you’ve made a purchase. If our costs go up we’ll have to adjust that on any remaining unsold tickets. The point is that those who decide early lock in the best deal.

Vietnam’s Top 10 Exports – 2021

The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in Vietnamese global shipments during the calendar year 2021. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from Vietnam.

  1. Electrical machinery, equipment: US$172.8 billion (42.5% of total exports)
  2. Machinery including computers: $33.4 billion (8.2%)
  3. Footwear: $25.2 billion (6.2%)
  4. Furniture, bedding, lighting, signs, prefabricated buildings: $19.1 billion (4.7%)
  5. Knit or crochet clothing, accessories: $17.8 billion (4.4%)
  6. Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet): $15.8 billion (3.9%)
  7. Iron, steel: $10.1 billion (2.5%)
  8. Plastics, plastic articles: $7.8 billion (1.9%)
  9. Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $6.21 billion (1.5%)
  10. Rubber, rubber articles: $6.16 billion (1.5%)

Vietnam’s top 10 exports accounted for 77.3% of the overall value of its global shipments.

Iron and steel was the fastest grower among the top 10 export categories, up by 88.8% from 2020 to 2021.

In second place for improving export sales was machinery including computers showing an 81.2% gain.

Vietnam’s shipments of optical, technical and medical apparatus posted the third-fastest gain in value, up by 74.7%.

The lone decliner among Vietnam’s top 10 export categories was unknitted and non-crocheted clothing or accessories, thanks to a 18.7% drop year over year.

At the more granular four-digit Harmonized Tariff System code level, phone system devices including smartphones are Vietnam’s most valuable exported product coming in at 20.3% of the country’s total. In second place were electronic integrated circuits or microassemblies (8%) trailed by television, radio or radar device parts (3.5%), textile footwear (3%), miscellaneous furniture (2.6%), computer parts or accessories (2.4%), computers including optical readers (2%), leather footwear (1.9%), microphones, headphones and amplifiers (1.8%) then seats (also 1.8%) excluding barber or dentist chairs.

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