Your business matters most to you and to your family. But, it matters to us as well even if we don’t know you personally. It’s true. We love entrepreneurs and a core value we share is that we believe the world needs more entrepreneurs! We believe our core mission is to help empower today’s entrepreneurs to enrich their lives, not just financially but in many other meaningful and essential ways as well.

We understand that your entrepreneurial drive keeps you driving towards your dreams. We have it too. But, like all other entrepreneurs you face challenges and even isolation as you guide your business into new and unknown directions. Not only can this be nerve racking it can have a material impact on your decision-making process. We’ve been there.

Perhaps your business is focused on the Amazon marketplace today, but you wonder what other channels you can develop to reduce your risks of selling through a single channel. Maybe you have decided to expand your e-commerce offerings, but you don’t know what steps make the most sense for your business.

Our experience can help your business today achieve it’s goals, but more importantly we can share big picture strategies and experiences that may help guide you to a positive future.

There is a highly likelihood that over time we have faced similar challenges to what you are dealing with. Areas like hiring, firing, scaling, growing, financing, buying, selling, importing, exporting and more are all topics where we have spent lots of time and money while learning things the hard way. By being a member of the Catalyst88 Mastermind you can benefit of “skipping to the end” without learning each and every lesson the way we did. You will still have challenges without question and indeed you will make mistakes, but it will help to have a trusted group to turn to and ask for support when needed to make those mistakes and challenges less impactful.

Remember that this is an exclusive group and your application and willingness to pay are only the first steps towards acceptance in this amazing group. Our process for admission is highly related to chemistry of the group and holding everyone accountable to contribute in a positive way.

For those that wish to learn more about our founder & leader Steve Simonson you can watch this quick video to get a sense of his background.