Top 10 Things to Consider about Catalyst88 MasterMind

Catalyst88 is designed to be a very limited and exclusive group of entrepreneurs who share similar values, goals, and business objectives.

To be honest not everyone is a fit. That’s ok. There’s likely another mastermind that would be better suited to your individual and business needs.

Before starting the application process, you should consider the topics outlined below:

We encourage you to apply only if you can answer YES to the following questions: 

1) Can I afford 25K per year for this MasterMind?

2) Am I willing to contribute my best ideas, tactics, and strategies for the benefit of other members and do so selflessly on a regular basis?

3) Could I benefit from experienced help in strategic, legal, accounting and other key areas of business?

4) Do you ever wonder if your business is “Real”?

5) Do you ever worry about your business just disappearing as a result of Amazon or other 3rd party whimsy?

6) Do you believe that you have the passion and desire to build a world-class business that serves your lifestyle, but you lack experience?

7) Can you identify a monetary target to achieve for revenue, profit, and personal wealth?

8) Are you willing to commit to regular personal development to achieve your goals?

9) Do you think that by investing in a MasterMind you can accelerate your success?

10) Is your personality compatible with fast growth, constant change, and dynamic situations?

If you answered yes to these most of these 10 questions you are probably a good fit. If not perhaps you should find a mastermind group that is more in tune with your objectives.

Remember – we LOVE entrepreneurs and we’re cheering for you no matter where your path takes you. The world needs more entrepreneurs.

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