When you start it helps if you know the end game…

Did you know that entrepreneurs often start businesses on a whim? They don’t sit down and make a business plan, they don’t write down specific ideas or objectives they just start doing something that creates a transaction and the next thing you know you have 10 employees and your going nuts putting out fires all day.

You see entrepreneurs are focused on action and they live for momentum. In fact the speed in which an average entrepreneur makes decisions is nothing less than amazing to someone who looks in from the outside.

Although the quest to act is often the stimuli to get the business going most entrepreneurs when looking back wish they would have put some systems in place and developed a strategy earlier.

Even in the most successful circles rarely does a CEO say, I wish we had waited another year before implementing that system.

You see almost invariably systems are what drive a business forward and allow it to scale. When a business is in the nascent stages they are often preoccupied with immediate needs and so they throw people at the problem and that will most often compound the trouble over time.

Later when the business tries to implement the system the people will often resist change at best or resent the “change” to the job description at worst.

The best advice is to have your mission clearly articulated in writing as you begin your company or at the soonest moment you can thereafter.

It turns out that knowing where you are going is a key factor in arriving at your destination.

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