Systemic Thinking

Can you imagine a McDonald’s franchise serving up their own individual recipe for a Big Mac? Regardless of what you think about McDonald’s food virtually any entrepreneur would likely agree that there is one systemic way that a Big Mac is created and no location anywhere in the world will deviate from that system.

The same systemic result also goes for a Starbucks Caffè Latte. No matter where in the world you go you will find the same result.

These are the systemic results of a series of processes (aka a system) that product a predictable result every time regardless of who is managing the system. If you think closely about who is actually executing the processes in both McDonald’s and Starbucks examples you more likely to find a 16 year old high school kid than a PHD making the system work.

The point is that by thinking strategically and then applying systems and processes you can build a business that produces extraordinary results (in a predictable way) with almost anyone working for you.

It’s time for you to turn to systemic thinking to solve your business process issues.

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