The CATALYST88 USA – 2018 Finalized Schedule for OFFICIAL Mastermind Meetings is:

The venue for 2018 is at the MOTIF SEATTLE. We even have fun little perks for members that are sure to surprise and delight you at this new venue. This exciting location will be a completely different experience than the 2017 location in Bellevue.

Q1 – February 8,9,10 – 2018 (Seattle)
Q2 – May 10,11,12  – 2018 (Seattle)
Q3 – August 9,10,11 – 2018 (Seattle)
Q4 – November 8,9,10 – 2018 (Seattle)

The 2019 Proposed Schedule is:

Q1 – February 7,8,9 – 2019 (Seattle)
Q2 – May 9,10,11  – 2019 (Seattle)
Q3 – August 8,9,10 – 2019 (Seattle)
Q4 – November 7,8,9 – 2019 (Seattle)


To learn more about our exciting Catalyst88 UK test event click HERE. We’re bringing in extraordinary resources from around the world to help European based entreprenuers take their business to the next level. Of course we can share ideas, strategies, tactics, and tools, but only YOU can affect change in your business. We know that Awesomers can accelerate their business by attending this 3 day high level mastermind and we’re hope to see you there.


Unofficial Meetings:

The opportunity to meet up in other locations as we have done in the past is very fun and productive as well. We’ve helped organize unofficial mini-masterminds in China, Roatan, a Cruise, Disneyland and others as well. Typically there is no cost for unofficial mastermind meetings.

The dates for various hosted China trips or getaways which include unofficial “mini-masterminds” are an open registration for Catalyst88 members first and then non-members. Catalyst88 members will not have to pay any fees for the mini-mastermind sessions but will be required to cover any trip-share costs related to the trips if applicable. (e.g. – hotels, meals, and other included amenities are shown prior to trip booking.)

2018 Catalyst88 China Sourcing Trip Share – Are you interested in learning from experts who have purchased hundreds of millions of dollars of products from China? Join the very exclusive and small group that goes to Asia for a trip of a lifetime!